Annual Fund FAQs

Annual Fund FAQs

Does my gift really make a difference?

Absolutely. Each gift is one vote of confidence for Loyola and one more notch in Loyola's donor participation rate. Regardless of the amount you give, you are having an impact on today's students, and making a sound investment in the future of Loyola and the value of your own degree.

Where exactly does my gift to the Annual Fund go?

The Annual Fund helps to offset the University's expenses not fully funded by tuition income - in other words, it's essential.

How often should I expect to be contacted by the Annual Fund?

The fund's fiscal year begins on June 1 and concludes on May 31, operating alongside the University's regular academic year. Throughout the year, we attempt to reach our alumni by mail, email, and through our student-led Phonathon.

I already gave this year, why are you contacting me again?

On occasion, we hear this from our annual donors. Because our fiscal year begins June 1 and ends May 31, we try to ask for your support at the same time of year when you historically make gifts. If the annual anniversary of your last gift passes without a renewed gift, we will attempt to reach you before the fiscal year ends. If this happens, it is possible that a donor could receive a request for a gift in the spring and then again in the fall.

Is giving money the only way to be involved with Loyola?

Making a gift each year is one of many ways you can support the University, and you can also give your time. There are numerous volunteer opportunities as well, including serving on a reunion class committee, Parents Council, regional alumni board and affinity group involvement and more. You can also update yourself by reading the quarterly Loyola magazine and attending events on campus or through Loyola's regional programs.

If I cannot make a large gift right now, what are my options?

You can make recurring payments toward fulfilling a larger annual pledge throughout the current fiscal year. This convenient option allows you to split a gift into smaller payment installments by charging your credit or debit card bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly.

How will my gift be recognized and what are the University's giving society membership levels?

First, you will receive a receipt confirming your gift for tax purposes and a thank you from the University. Your name may be included on listings of donors from your class at various points during the year. Additionally, each Fall we publish our annual Report of Gifts, which summarizes the results of the previous year's campaign, lists all donors to the University, and indicates giving society membership. The following are Loyola's giving society membership levels:

Leadership Giving Societies
John Early Society Benefactor: $25,000 or more
John Early Society Fellow: $10,000 to $24,999
John Early Society Associate: $5,000 to $9,999
John Early Society Founder: $1,852 to $4,999

John Early Young Alumni Leadership Circle
Class of 2017: $100 Gift
Class of 2016: $200 Gift
Class of 2015: $300 Gift
Class of 2014: $400 Gift
Class of 2013: $500 Gift
Class of 2012: $600 Gift
Class of 2011: $700 Gift
Class of 2010: $800 Gift
Class of 2009: $900 Gift
Class of 2008: $1,000 Gift
Class of 2007: $1,100 Gift
Class of 2006: $1,200 Gift
Class of 2005: $1,300 Gift
Class of 2004: $1,400 Gift
Class of 2003: $1,500 Gift

What is the most convenient way to make a gift?

Online, of course! Loyola's website is fast, accurate, and secure for making a gift to the Annual Fund. The gift will be processed quickly and a receipt will be forwarded within 36 hours. While online, you can also take advantage of the available alumni news and services. To make a gift online, please visit

Taking a call from one of our Phonathon associates is another way to give. Loyola's Phonathon begins in September. By speaking with a student, you can make your gift on the phone using your credit card or make a pledge and schedule a payment. In addition, it's a wonderful way to receive some personal updates on Loyola and ask any questions you may have.

What is a matching gift?

A matching gift is a contribution to Loyola by your employer. If your organization has a Matching Gift Program, then they will match, or possibly exceed, your annual gift to Loyola. This is a unique way for some donors to increase the impact of their personal gift. Each company accepts requests for a matching gift differently - some require a form, others have an 800 number, and some have an online form. Search for your company to see if they participate.