Bright futures. Bold aspirations.

Today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders tasked with solving the greatest challenges of our time. Will they have the capacity to work effectively across cultural and disciplinary boundaries? Will they make decisions with a keen understanding of their global implications? Will they be able to confidently adapt to a world in constant flux?

In many ways, the Bright Minds, Bold Hearts campaign is about giving students the strongest possible foundation to meet the current and emerging demands of today’s society. From designing an undergraduate experience that reflects the interdisciplinary nature and diversity of today’s work world to strengthening opportunities for students to develop their talents, Bright Minds, Bold Hearts will help ensure that Loyola students become successful professionals as well as fulfilled, dynamic, empathetic people with the courage and capacity to make a difference in the world.

Rather than a shift in direction for Loyola, Bright Minds, Bold Hearts represents an opportunity for our entire community to work together to strengthen the University’s commitment to Jesuit ideals. These principles—which include academic excellence, intellectual openness, deep engagement in the world, ethical and spiritual development, and a commitment to social justice—are as relevant today as they were 160 years ago when Loyola first opened its doors.

Bright Minds, Bold Hearts honors our traditions, celebrates our achievements, and helps ensure our academic importance, social relevance, and financial strength well into the future.